My first Purchase: Inspiration behind Piggy the Bank



Do you remember your first purchase? Like a real purchase with your own money?

I still remember mine, it was a Nintendo Game Boy. I saved up my allowance, dug for coins in the sofa, and did random chores around the neighbourhood.

Then came the big day and going to the Mall. I recall the feeling of the plastic packaging in my hands and the anticipation of finally buying my shiny new piece of gaming tech. I had finally saved up enough and I felt like a real grown-up.

As I handed over my savings I was filled with a sense of pride. For me, the Game Boy was more than a purchase; it was a revelation of what I could accomplish on my own with a bit of time and planning. This lesson helped me avoid personal debt and now I want to help others do the same.

That’s why we created Piggy the bank.

“We owe it to our future selves to find a better way to plan and save, and to stay out of the quicksand that is personal debt.”


Over the years I’ve talked to my family and friends and many are stuck in the same cycle of credit card debt. The truth is nearly 50% of all Canadians have credit card debt, and 24% are in so deep, they’ll likely never get out. As of 2015, statistics Canada reported that Canadians had racked up $576.6 billion in consumer debt, which averages out to about $16,000 of debt per person.

Monthly budgets are great, but we still need to live our lives. We are getting married, having babies, planning events, moving and travelling. Living costs a lot of money and we owe it to our future selves to find a better way to plan and save, and to stay out of the quicksand that is personal debt.

Piggy the Bank hopes to be another tool to help control debt.

Why should people feel guilty about spending money they don’t have, when they can feel good about spending money they’ve saved up?

If you haven’t tried it yet, sign up for FREE at and start shopping guilt free!

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Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia
Andy Garcia, Creative Lead & Co-Founder — Andy is an award winning UX Designer, Art Director and Entrepreneur living in Toronto. He has a passion for storytelling and how it can interact with brands, fans and customers alike. Over the years Andy has worked with a roaster of big names including: The Globe and Mail, Samsung Canada and the Bank of Montreal. With over decade of experince in design, UX and creative managment, his work ranges from innovative technical projects to social concepts that break barriers and bring to life ideas that can change the way users use technology in everday life. A few of his recent notble projects include: the CSA winning Big Brother Canada digital franchise, the FITC winning Sochi Olympics Notes from Home website and the Peadbody award winning VR documentary: Ebola Outbreak a Virtual Journey.
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  • Elvie

    What a great testimony for all consumers. I wish piggy the bank was created long time ago to help all of us to save and not worried how to save and be debt free. Thank you piggy the bank. I sign up to piggy the bank to save for my grandson Christmas gifts…

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